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Program Topics
Local & State Government Operations - This course will help new supervisors become familiar with local government jurisdictions, the structure of local government entities (State, County, City, etc.), the major roles and functions of officials, revenue sources, budgeting, and navigating the political system.

Stefani Conley has six years of experience as a human resources director and over ten years of experience at the senior executive level in both private and public institutions. Her experience with organizations ranging from manufacturing and service companies to health care organizations and government enables her to offer a fresh perspective to leaders facing cultural and operational challenges. Creating innovative solutions which produce exemplary results, Stefani invigorates an organization, steering it to its best performance. Stefani has provided training for numerous organizations, including Montrose County, Mesa county Clerk & Recorder, Colorado LTAP, and the City of Delta..

Cancellation Policy
Please be considerate of those on the waiting list and cancel early if necessary. A full refund will be made if you cancel no later than 3 business days prior to the training day; otherwise, you will forfeit the registration fee.

Registration Fee
The registration fee is $75.00 per person. This includes lunch and materials. Invoices will be sent upon receipt of registration form. Invoices can be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Special Notes
In order to receive credit for this class, participants must stay until the end of class when it is dismissed by the instructor. By registering for this class, you are enrolling in the Supervisory Skills and Development Program, which allows us to track your classes toward graduation.

Training Dates & Locations
All Classes 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

November 14, 2017 - Grand Junction
CDOT Mesa Conference Room
606 S. 9th Street

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