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Are you a new supervisor recently promoted from a technical position with no previous supervisory training?

Colorado LTAP In conjunction with Colorado APWA (American Public Works Association) and CARSE (Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers) offer the:

Supervisory Skills and Development Program

This new program is designed to help educate, prepare, and provide public works employees with the background necessary to comfortably and confidently perform in a supervisory position. The courses chosen are intended to provide a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor and to develop tools for succeeding in management.

$ New Low Rate $
What is the *NEW* SSDP registration fee?
Colorado LTAP has recently provided funding to subsidize cost of the program and is therefore able to offer each course at a new, low rate. The cost of each course is now only $75 per person, per class. The cost of each class includes room rental fees, instructor's fees, class materials, lunch, snacks, etc. Each participant also receives at their first class a SSDP binder. This notebook includes a check list of courses and dividers in order to include handouts from each class. It is intended for this notebook to serve as a reference manual after completion of the program.

Are there any grants or scholarships available?
APWA and CARSE may be providing scholarship money for Supervisory Skills courses in 2004. Please contact the Colorado LTAP office for more information.

Class Schedule 2018
Class fee: $75

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