Roads Scholar I Courses for 2018

New Focus on Safety
Recent emphasis on safety realized nationally has encouraged Colorado LTAP to restructure their Roads Scholar training program. The Colorado LTAP Advisory Committee has chosen four primary courses revolving around safety that will be the main focus of the new Roads Scholar Program.

Program Requirements

In the Roads Scholar Program outline, 9 courses are required to complete the program. One would need to take the 4 core curriculum classes and any 5 electives. The 5 electives can be completed by attending any minimum 8–hour class or workshop Colorado LTAP offers. (NOTE: This does not include courses offered under the Supervisory Skills and Development Program.) Multi–day workshops count as just one RS elective.

Which program outline you follow to complete your Roads Scholar curriculum will depend on how many classes you have on record with us thus far. Those participants that have taken 5 or less Roads Scholar classes to date would need to finish based on the program as outlined above. Those that have already completed 6 or more courses could choose either Roads Scholar program outline they would like to follow to completion.

If you have any questions regarding the new Roads Scholar program requirements, or would like a printout of your record, please feel free to contact the Colorado LTAP office: tel(303) 735–3530, fax(303) 735–2968, or email