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A Guide for Addressing Unsignalized Intersection Collisions - F50 GAUIC
(Free Publication) - A Guide for Addressing Unsignalized Intersection Collisions provides strategies that can be employed to reduce the number of unsignalized intersection collisions. Objectives include: Improve management of access near unsignalized intersections; Reduce the frequency and severity of intersection conflicts through geometric design improvements; Improve sight distance at unsignalized intersections; Improve availability of gaps in traffic and assist drivers in judging gap sizes at unsignalized intersections; Improve driver awareness of intersections as viewed from the intersection approach; Choose appropriate intersection control to minimize crash frequency and severity; Improve driver compliance with traffic control devices and traffic laws at intersections; Reduce operating speeds on specific intersection approaches; and Guide motorists more effectively through complex intersections. [The free copy of the report is available as a .PDF document.]

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