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Center Line Rumble Strips: Technical Advisory - F50 CLRS
(Free Publication) - One of FHWA’s primary safety goals is to reduce the number and severity of roadway departure crashes. These consist of run-off-road (including cross median) crashes and cross center line crashes on undivided roads. Safety improvements proposed to address this goal include initiatives to keep vehicles on the roadway, to improve the likelihood of a safe recovery after a roadway departure, and to reduce the severity of those crashes that do occur. Center line rumble strips are one of the proven countermeasures that reduce the risks of cross center line crashes. This technical advisory is to disseminate updated information and guidelines for the design and installation of center line rumble strips on appropriate segments of paved roads. This information applies to a wide range of projects including new construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, and safety improvements. Highway professionals should consider the needs of all road users, existing roadway conditions, the scope of the project, and the surrounding environment when applying this information and guidance.

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