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Disaster Response:Roadway Safety+Awareness Program - F50 DR
(Free Publication) - This Trainee Booklet illustrates Disaster Response. It contains the answers on the following questions: What is Disaster Response? How does Disaster Response differ from regular road work? What is an “Incident Command” system? What is the minimum training required for Disaster Response work? What is our role in the ICS? What special health issues arise during Disaster Response? What are some hygiene issues in Disaster Response? What is heat stress? What special safety issues arise during Disaster Response? What are recommendations for heavy equipment in unstable conditions? How do we deal with an angry public? How does a Disaster impact our lives? How do we deal with emotional trauma during and after a Disaster Response? How can we reduce the personal impact of Disaster Response work? How can workers prepare to respond? What is required to wear a respirator? What is a travel health kit? What immunizations may be needed? How can contractors prepare to respond?

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