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New Resources on the FHWA Work Zone Website wz/traffic_mgmt/wztmg.htm#tms

FHWA Work Zone website. They are also highlighting their new online training on developing effective transportation management plans (TMPs). The training is modular and contains voiceover narration and a workbook with exercises.

Other available resources by category:

Spring 2016

LTAP Harassment/Discrimination Policy

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Roads Scholar Classes:
Core Curriculum
Roads 101
Roadway Safety and Workzone Traffic Control
Signing, Pavement Markings and MUTCD
Heavy Equipment - Motor Grader
Roads Scholar II: Road Master:
Asset Management
Permeable Pavements
Supervisory Skills & Development:
WCTDT: Dealing With People
Ethical - Do You Know What That Means?
Written Communications
Verbal Communications
Developing the Leader Within

What is LTAP?
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) was established in 1981 as the Rural Technical Assistance Program (RTAP). It is the primary way that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) helps local transportation agencies learn about maintaining and improving their roads, innovative methods and materials and ways to work smarter.

LTAP strives to bridge the gap between research and practice by conducting training sessions and demonstrations and by serving as a clearinghouse for information related to state-of-the-art technology in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

Colorado LTAP is sponsored by The Federal Highway Administration,
Colorado Department of Transportation and University of Colorado at Boulder

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